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For Only $797
Copper Aqua
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The Copper Aqua is an incredible handle. This design has that special character that is difficult to define. I've not seen anything that compares to the Copper Aqua for style and beauty.

The Copper Aqua is an exclusive design you will not find this handle anywhere else on the internet.

Made from superior quality stainless steel, which gives the Copper Comma the necessary strength to function as a door handle (Pure copper is not strong enough.) Then it is coated with an extremely hard wearing copper PVD coating.  This means the exquisite beauty of natural copper is truly showcased and will last for many years.

(CLICK HERE for more information on PVD coating.)

It is sold highly polished, and will maintain its magnificent luster for many years. Making it perfect for contemporary homes.

This Pull Handle makes a statement about the home it adorns.
Only the most discerning, would truly appreciate the beauty of the Copper Aqua.

The Copper Aqua is also available in Left and Right hand versions for more information on choosing the correct one for you CLICK HERE.

The Copper Aqua Handle is designed to be attached to timber, steel, aluminum, glass and fiberglass doors.

The Copper Aqua is only available as a Back to Back pair of Handles.
For more information on attaching the Handles to your Door CLICK HERE.

The price of $797 is for one handle only.

For a pair of handles please order two.

To see more of the Copper Aqua watch the Video below.

Quantity Price
Length 20 1/2 inches / 520 mm
Weight 59 oz / 1.5 kg
Features Benefits
Made from solid Stainless Steel Strong and robust
Copper PVD coating Very hard wearing, will last for many years
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