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For only $297
Sabu right hand Mounted on a single doorSabu handles mounted on Double doorsSabu handles mounted on Double doorsSabu handles mounted on Double doors
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The Sabu a beautiful handle it has style and grace.
The secret of the Sabu is its design is based on the female shape and looks simply stunning.

It's made from Stainless Steel with polished chrome tips.
The Sabu is ideal on your home or in a Prestige office environment.

You can see in the images below how versatile the Sabu is, a change in the postion of the handles gives a completely different look!

The Sabu is 21 3/4 inches (555 mm) long.

The Sabu is only available as Back to Back Mount.
For more information on attaching the Handles to your Door CLICK HERE

The prices listed are for one handle, for a back to back pair you will need to order 2 handles.

The Sabu is left or right handed.
If you are buying a pair of handles for a single door, please specify in your order which handle you require (left or right), there is space provided for this.

For information on Left and Right handed handles
Click Here and read the section at the bottom of the page.

Watch the video below to see more of the Sabu handle.

Quantity Price
Length 21 3/4" / 555 mm
Weight 23 oz / 0.7 kg
Features Benefits
The Diameter of the Sabu Handle is 1 1/4" (32 mm)
The Sabu is made from 304 Exterior Grade Stainless Steel Strong and Durable to last a lifetime.
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